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Evan Gardner is a Creative Director, Producer, Shooter and Editor based in New York.  Evan has filmed live events such as interviews with national politicians during the 2012 second Presidential Debate, and live concerts with artists such as Snoop Dog, Cobra Starship, and Big Sean. His work focuses on telling the true stories of people through video and photography. He loves collaboration with likeminded artists and organizations.

Growing up as a child, he was diagnosed with Apraxia at age 3 and did not say his first word until he was 5 years old. He had very intensive interventions including a special preschool placement, speech services 6 times weekly for many years, and special education services throughout his school career k-12. 

This project is very meaningful to Evan and is part of his Graduate Thesis for his Masters degree at St. John's University, where he is obtaining a Masters of Science in International Communications.




Kyle is an NYC based writer and editor who has been working in sports and entertainment since 2015. He has provided story consultation and scripts for both commercial production, as well as creative expertise for original works. His love for telling stories and connecting people through them has kept him writing and creating almost constantly. Having worked with Evan on various smaller projects, he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of something so momentous in Evan’s career. Kyle and Evan have been close friends for 9 years and counting, so Kyle is - quite frankly - just very excited to be here. 



Austin is a NYC based videographer, has been providing video services since 2011, with experience ranging from corporate production, documentary/non-profit work, to hands-on film industry involvement. His award winning freelance work is global in scope while also serving a focus on local businesses who are giving back by positively impacting their respective communities.

Austin has also served as the director of photography for various short films, commercials, and a PBS feature documentary, shot on location in Alaska focusing on climate change, called "Between Earth and Sky."  He is one of Evan's best friends and both have worked together for many years on various video projects.


Joshua Cajas

Mike Cicchetti

Camera Operator
Story Supervisor
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